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Reach your goals faster with a personalized learning plan created by your dedicated teacher.


Master the skills you need.  Active learning and regular teacher feedback keep you on track for success.


Build conversational confidence with practical French that gets you speaking fluently in everyday life.


In a supportive environment, explore your interests and learn how to talk about what matters to you in French.


Learn how to express yourself clearly, understand humor, and navigate social etiquette.


Your learning, your pace, your style. We personalize it all and recommend practice options (apps, AI) you'll love.

What to expect with Studie

Before the lessons

Get Started with a Free Consultation

Let's discuss your French fluency goals. Together we'll explore your interests and start crafting a personalized learning plan tailored to your success. Grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills - I'll map your path to mastering French.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Book & pay online for lessons that fit your schedule. Choose the frequency you need - no fees or minimum packages – I offer the same high-quality service regardless of your chosen commitment level.

Limited Spots, Personalized Success

My in-depth approach to French ensures that each student receives a fast track to fluency. With a focus on customization and undivided attention, you'll experience a premium learning journey.

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During the lessons

Tailor-Made Instruction, Maximized Results

1-hour lessons tailor-made for your goals, target specific skills, and maximize your learning time. Ditch the textbooks! I create engaging custom materials to match your interests and learning style.

Interactive learning

Spark conversations, conquer projects, and explore authentic media - all tailored to you. Master fluency, pronunciation, and confidence - it's more than just speaking French! I'll guide you to express yourself naturally, understand humor, and connect on a deeper level.

Feel Confident and Supported

Thrive in a positive and supportive environment where mistakes fuel learning. Here, you'll gain the confidence to speak up and share your thoughts in French.

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Between the lessons

Daily Practice Activities

Daily practice fuels fluency, but finding the right tools can be a struggle. That's why your personalized learning plan includes tailored daily activities – flashcards, apps, podcasts, etc – that match your goals, interests, and level. 

See Your Progress, Own Your Growth

Get ongoing feedback to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. I then adjust your personalized learning plan to optimize results and keep you challenged.

Unlimited Q&A & Personalized Support

Never get stuck!  Benefit from unlimited access to ask questions and receive prompt answers. This includes motivation tips, accountability check-ins (if desired), and even practicing your French communication skills! Feel free to send me text messages, voice messages, or even write your questions in French – I'll always answer and provide personalized feedback to keep you moving forward.

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Flexible French Learning: Online or In-Person
You Choose

We'll discuss your preferred format during your free consultation

From €45/hr

French Lessons Online

Struggling to find an online French program that fits your unique goals? Studie offers a personalized approach designed to get you speaking French confidently from day one. Perfect for busy schedules, travelers, or anyone who prefers remote learning, Studie's online lessons let you learn from anywhere, at your own pace.  Forget generic curriculums and rote memorization - Studie focuses on real-world conversation, helping you achieve your French language dreams efficiently. 

From €55/hr

French Lessons in Anglet

Whether you're here for a while, visiting or working remotely, Studie tailors personalized in-person French lessons to immerse you in the local culture and meet your unique needs.

Master everyday conversation and navigate life with ease. We can meet at your preferred location – home, office, or even a local café. Practice French in real-world situations, explore the stunning Basque Country coastline, and gain the confidence to speak French naturally. 

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