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Learn French In Anglet with Studie's Personalized Lessons

Whether you're visiting Anglet for a short stay, working remotely, or calling it home, Studie tailors personalized lessons to meet your specific goals.

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How Studie Empowers You to Speak French with Confidence

Dynamic & Private 60 min Lessons

Engage with me for dynamic, personalized, and private French lessons focused on your specific needs and objectives. Imagine: 60 minutes of interactive activities tailored just for you.

Tailored Learning

I'll create a unique and personalized curriculum that aligns with your interests, level, and goals whether you're a visitor seeking basic conversation skills or an expat aiming for fluency.

Real-World Application

Learn French that you can use immediately. My lessons focus on practical vocabulary and scenarios you'll encounter in Anglet and beyond.

Location Freedom

Choose the learning environment that suits you best and transform any space into your French classroom: home, office, a nice terrace, or even a market!

Choose Your Pace

Intensive immersion or flexible learning? You decide. You can tailor the frequency to your schedule and seamlessly book lessons through our convenient online system.

Unlimited Support

Never feel lost! I'm here to provide ongoing support throughout your French learning journey. 

 Embrace the Benefits of Studie

Gain Confidence

Practice makes perfect with focused sessions and full attention from your experienced native teacher.

Save Time & Energy

Learn at your pace, focusing on what matters most to you. Get straight to your specific needs with a personalized plan and curriculum.

Reach Your Goals

No more going it alone! Studie provides unlimited support, always available to answer your questions and guide you.

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