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Delivering the French you need
to speak with confidence in real life,
not just in class. 


Bonjour, I'm Marie
the founder of Studie

My lifelong love for languages led me to a PhD in Linguistics and a career teaching French, starting in London and then in New York. From the moment I stepped into my first classroom in a language center, I knew teaching French was my thing. Sharing my love for the language with students was awesome, but something bothered me...

Why personalized learning?

With their one-size-fits-all approach, language courses create a disconnect between what students learn and what they need. Students memorize vocabulary and grammar that don't translate to real conversations, leaving them frustrated and doubting their abilities.

Seeing my students struggle fueled my desire for a better way. I envisioned a more efficient solution, one that addressed individual needs and provided the support and feedback necessary for consistent progress.

That's why private, personalized learning became the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy.

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The Power of Personalization

Years of refining my approach for all ages, levels, and backgrounds solidified my belief: personalized learning unlocks a student's true potential. It's the most effective way for me to do what I do best: empower students to speak French with confidence. 


Now, living on the beautiful southwest coast of France in Anglet, I've brought that same personalized approach to Studie. Studie is the culmination of my experience. It isn't just about French; it's about YOU so you can overcome speaking anxieties, find your voice in French, and achieve fluency the most efficient way possible. 

What I Believe In


Many prioritize quantity over quality. I prioritize your success. With a limited number of students, I can dedicate my full attention to crafting personalized lessons that accelerate your learning.


My lessons prioritize clear communication over perfect grammar. Fluency is key, and we'll build yours through conversation, then refine your grammar for effortless expression.


My lessons leverage the power of innovative technology and engaging tools. We'll utilize AI-powered resources, explore interactive platforms, and embrace modern learning strategies to maximize your progress and keep you motivated.


The journey to fluency can be challenging, but it shouldn't be a chore. I want you to look forward to our sessions, celebrate your achievements, and feel a sense of joy during the learning process.  When frustration sets in, I'll be your cheerleader, keeping you motivated and ensuring your French learning adventure is an exciting and rewarding experience.

Ready to embark on your personalized French learning adventure? 

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